Listen, Jena

Listen, Jena

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Stop Boycotting Trash

Listen Jena, movie buffs love to berate others for paying to see—and therefore perpetuating—bad Hollywood movies. “Stop going to see Transformer movies,” they prophesy, “and they will disappear.” But even if that were true, it’s not the way to improve our cinematic landscape. Don’t boycott bad movies; champion good ones.

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Superman and Character vs. Plot

Listen Jena, I really like Max Landis. I liked the way he wrote Chronicle, and I like watching him rant about the death of Superman breaking comics forever. He recently ranted about Man of Steel, though, and what he says about character and story is so inconsistent that I feel a need to clarify a few things. Max Landis either misspoke, or he doesn’t understand what character vs. story means. 

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The Next Batman Movie


Listen Jena, Nolan is done with Batman, so what’s next? Some hope for a Justice League team-up movie, and others hope for the gritty Batman franchise to continue somehow. Well, I’ve got another idea. I want to see Batman where he started. I don’t mean darkest Asia learning ninja tricks, and I don’t mean Crime Alley watching his parents die. This is not your daddy’s Batman—really it’s more like your great granddaddy’s. This is the Dark Knight in 1939.

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